Novogratz is a design and lifestyle brand founded by husband-and-wife duo Robert and Cortney Novogratz. Here are some key points about the company:

  1. Founders: Robert and Cortney Novogratz are known for their unique and eclectic design style, which combines vintage elements with modern aesthetics. They gained fame through their television shows, books, and design projects that showcase their distinctive approach to interior design.
  1. Product Range: Novogratz offers a wide range of home products, including furniture, decor, bedding, lighting, and accessories. Their products are designed to reflect the Novogratz's signature style, which blends bold colors, patterns, and textures to create vibrant and playful spaces.
  1. Design Aesthetic: The Novogratz brand is known for its eclectic and whimsical design aesthetic that celebrates individuality and creativity. Their products often feature retro-inspired designs, mid-century modern influences, and a mix of high and low elements to create a unique and dynamic look.
  1. Collaborations: Novogratz has collaborated with various retailers and brands to create exclusive collections that bring their design sensibility to a wider audience. These collaborations often feature limited-edition pieces that showcase the Novogratz's creativity and style.
  1. Affordability: One of the key aspects of the Novogratz brand is its focus on affordability. The company aims to make stylish and well-designed products accessible to a wide range of customers, offering affordable price points without compromising on quality or style.
  1. Innovation: Novogratz is known for its innovative approach to design, constantly exploring new trends, materials, and techniques to create fresh and inspiring products. The brand seeks to push boundaries and challenge conventions in the world of home decor and furnishings.

Novogratz is a dynamic and creative design brand that offers a range of stylish and affordable home products. With its eclectic aesthetic, commitment to affordability, and innovative spirit, Novogratz continues to inspire and delight customers looking to infuse their spaces with personality and style.

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